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11822 Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Floating Minnow – Green


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11822 Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Floating Minnow – Green

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The Yo-Zuri Floating Crystal 3D Minnow features a patented prism 3D finish that reflects subsurface light, even in murky water. We suggest a retrieve and pause, a slow-to-moderate retrieve, or a twitch/pause/retrieve method. The Crystal 3D Minnow combines an erratic side-to-side swimming action together with a brilliant 3D prism flash to attract all types of game fish. All Crystal 3D Minnows feature distinctive flat sides and highly detailed bodies with amazing 3D prism finishes that light up and flash, even in low light conditions. Injured baitfish swim erratically, sending out flashes of reflected light from their broadside of scales. The 3D Minnow utilizes these flashes, together with a flat-sided swimming action, to mimic a frightened forage fish. Natural patterns and colors, together with lifelike body shapes and gill plate details, help 3D Minnows emulate a realistic-looking injured baitfish. Size: 3-1/2 (1/4 oz.) Colors: (807)Silver Back, (808)Green Silver, (809)Sardine. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- Type: Saltwater Lures.

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Product details

Product SKU: 144216
GTIN: 00756791485495
Manufacturer number: F1145 C44
UPC: 00756791485488
Brand: 11822
Color: Green
Category: Fishing
Condition: New
Availability: in stock
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